We stock a number of products at the Sunbury Foot Clinic which are available to purchase over the counter. These include:

  • CAM WALKERS (MOON BOOT) – Cam Walkers are required for many foot and ankle injuries, including fractures. We offer same day fitting, so call the clinic to organise your fitting.
  • ARCHIES THONGS – These thongs have a few key features over regular thongs.
    • Arch support – Regular thongs have no support, however Archies have an inbuilt medial support which aids in supporting the arches of both feet.
    • Toe grip – In regular thongs the toes are forced to claw of grip onto the thongs. The toe grip on Archies helps to reduce this effect.
    • No plug – this means there is no chance of de-plugging.
    • Stylish Look – Unlike a lot of other arch support thongs, Archies look great and don’t look to dissimilar to Havaianas
  • SILIPOS DIGITAL TOE SLEEVES – Excellent for the management of pressure areas which usually develop on or in-between the toes.
  • SPORTS TAPE – We sell premium grade rigid sports tape as well as other varieties of tapes.
  • FOOT CREAM – The skin on the feet and particularly the heels can very easily dry and crack. A specialist foot cream applied regularly can prevent this. Please pop into the clinic to purchase our foot cream.

CAM WalkerArchies2